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Happy owners of bespoke hats

A sunny face with a big smile and a custom-made claret hat that complements the freckles and the red hair of its happy owner.

One of My Own

When I first saw Fusanna’s designs, I knew immediately I just had to have one of my own! Working with her was a real pleasure. I find it hard to decide on hats and glasses, but Fusanna’s confidence and expertise made it easy. She helped me pick a color that would go well with my hair and eyes, and a form that would match the shape of my face. As you can see, I’m very happy with the result!

Timeless Style

I own a sinamay white and blue fedora with a burgundy ribbon designed by Fusanna. It has this awesome old-school silhouette and fits me great, despite my large head. It’s very well made and all the stitching and the materials down to the lining are very high quality. I’m really happy with my purchase, would definitely recommend!

A handsome man in a white and blue summer fedora with a burgundy 3D detail which matches his waistcoat and a burgundy shirt.
A very modern look combines a bespoke origami fascinator with a red dress, blue mirror shades and straight platine blond hair

A Real Dazzler

This attractor wears itself like a charm. It’s light and comfortable. It’s a real dazzler – wherever I go people tell me it’s great and ask me who designed it.

And then I say – Fusanna!

Simply Essential

I’ve never thought of myself as a hat person but trying on a Fusanna made me reevaluate that sentiment. When I put on that black fedora, it didn’t feel like me – at first. Then I took another look in the mirror. And then another. And then I realized I really like what I’m seeing. Now I can hardly leave home without a hat!

A handsome man in a black fedora with a blue origami ornament. The hat, his cardigan and his blazer create a casual city look
A woman wearing a bespoke hat in an unsual asymetric shape which creates a modern look that goes so well with her smile.

I love my hat!

It feels like it’s made just for me, my character, and my style. And the best thing is that I didn’t know exactly what kind of hat I wanted – Fusanna knew better than I did.

The result was beyond my expectations.
If you want a unique, handmade hat that was made with love and passion for details, then you’ve found the right place and the right person.


Creating something tailored to a person as demanding as me was not an easy task. It was supposed to be modest, but memorable; match the outfit, but leave space for use in another context.

Creativity by Fusanna did not disappoint – just look at my fascinator! Ever since I’ve had it, this satisfied smile has become inseparable from my gentleman-fascinator.

A smiling woman wearing a two-colour custom-made fascinator. Its pearled veil and her polka dot dress create a smart look.
A woman wearing a bespoke burgundy hat with a black & white houndstooth ribbon. Add a trench and voila a perfect casual look.

Smart Casual

My burgundy fedora made by Fusanna helped me get that finishing touch to my style. In the past, I used to feel uncomfortable wearing hats, but this one… it looks amazing and it feels even better!

I’m really impressed with the hat’s quality and Fusanna’s commitment to the smallest details of this masterpiece. Being the professional that she is, she quickly pointed me towards a model that would suit me best.

This fedora is now an integral part of my everyday smart casual outfit.

Feeling Unique

In a time of fast fashion, it’s wonderful to have a hat that was made just for me. With a personal approach, finish and incredible attention to detail. When I put on my Fusanna hat, I feel unique.

A woman a bespoke fedora. Her fur felt headpece is fitted with a silver chain tied in a knot for a modern & luxurious touch.
A man in a colorful sweater and a made to measure summer pork pie hat decorated with a striking yellow origami ornament.

Durable and Imaginative

I wanted a no-nonsense straw hat to protect myself from the occasionally harsh summer sun. I tried a bunch of disposable 20 euro hats but they looked like everyone else and would sometimes come apart after a few weeks of moderate use.

I was ready to invest in something more durable and ideally – more imaginative. That’s when I discovered Fusanna. She had the perfect combination of handmade quality with an original style. Being able to customize my hat is the cherry on top of the cake.

Chic Sailing

When you hear “hat,” you think elegance, chic. I’m a woman who values comfort and functionality above all. So it will come as no surprise that I wanted my personalized hat to have these two features. It had to protect me from the sun and the wind, and provide comfort in all circumstances, especially when sailing.

Turned out my hat is more than pragmatism; it is uniqueness, elegance and class. No wonder, it was made by Fusanna, a master of her craft and a fairy of form.

A woman on a yacht at sea in a made to measure, large brimmed summer hat and her hair floating in the wind.
A smart young man in a bespoke blue fedora that goes as perfectly with his eyes as with his coat and his scarf.

Much More Pleasant

Fusanna, based on my vague vision and loose inspirations, created a hat that hit the spot. I enjoy the details: the vintage 70s silk lining, the signature origami ribbon, and the perfect quality felt. My winter walks are now much more pleasant.

In Wonderland

A great hat, the circumference of which can be adjusted to the growing head of a child. The large brim provided effective protection against the sun, without limiting the field of vision. In addition, the hat is riversible, which my daughter really liked.

A baby girl in a custom-made reversible and adjustable baby hat with a flower on the crown and a brim that looks like a cloud
A woman with a yellow tulip wearing a custom made blue cloche hat with a big green detail matching perfectly her green coat.

Beautiful Nostalgia

I wanted a hat that would match my coat and harken back to the 20s look I fell in love with watching a tv show.

Fusanna took my references, passed them through her filter, made it look classy and modern all at the same time, and put it on my head.

When I wear this hat, I feel like a queen. I especially appreciate the  style and the quality of craftsmanship.

Fuzzy and Warm

Warm and elegant – I can finally look good in a winter coat without freezing my ears.

A young woman in a custom-made 1920s inspired hat. This helmet-like headpiece was made to measure form a red fur felt.
A handsome man in a bespoke fedora hat with a houndstooth ribbon. His sunglasses and a big smile complete the perfect look.

The Good Kind

Fusanna is the kind of designer who listens to what you want, then amplifies it, enhances it, and makes it cooler, smoother and more stylish. She’s the kind of designer who never compromises quality, and who strives to make each of her hats unique. The kind who is relentless and passionate about her work.

In other words – the good kind.

New Dior?

It is important to me to support local artists and craftspeople. I keep thinking that big names like Chanel or Dior would have never had a chance to get big, if not for people who took a chance on them before it was cool. I’d hate to pass on the new Dior, so I ordered a hat from Fusanna.

“I’m a reasonable person” I said – “Give me something reasonable”. She did better than that. She gave me a reasonable hat with a bunch of cool little details that made me feel special. I think she’s got what it takes to get big.

An owner of a black melusine bowler with classic finishing touches like satin petersham ribbon around the crown and the brim.