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Happy owners of bespoke hats

I love my hat!

It feels like it’s made just for me, my character, and my style. And the best thing is that I didn’t know exactly what kind of hat I wanted – Fusanna knew better than I did.

The result was beyond my expectations.
If you want a unique, handmade hat that was made with love and passion for details, then you’ve found the right place and the right person.

This attractor wears itself like a charm. It’s light and comfortable. It’s a real dazzler – wherever I go people tell me it’s great and ask me who designed it.

And then I say – Fusanna.

I own a sinamay white and blue fedora with a burgundy ribbon designed by Fusanna. It has this awesome old-school silhouette and fits me great, despite my large head. It’s very well made and all the stitching and the materials down to the lining are very high quality. I’m really happy with my purchase, would definitely recommend!

In a time of fast fashion, it’s wonderful to have a hat that was made just for me. With a personal approach, finish and incredible attention to detail. When I put on my Fusanna hat, I feel unique.

Fusanna is the kind of designer who listens to what you want, then amplifies it, enhances it, and makes it cooler, smoother and more stylish. She’s the kind of designer who never compromises quality, and who strives to make each of her hats unique. The kind who is relentless and passionate about her work.

In other words – the good kind.

I wanted a hat that would match my coat and harken back to the 20s look I fell in love with watching a tv show.

Fusanna took my references, passed them through her filter, made it look classy and modern all at the same time, and put it on my head.

When I wear this hat, I feel like a queen. I especially appreciate the  style and the quality of craftsmanship.